Friday, 26 December 2014


I remember how the day came. He was born that amidst the creatures. It comes as no surprise that he wasn’t ordinary after all.
I saw the man looking weary and worried, his wife primigravida. My land lord had said no not because he had no heart but no room so he gave them his barn free of charge to pass the night .I must say never had I seen him so moved. I can’t recall their names but on the donkey they came and the Mrs. looked really hungry. I served them a plate; few left over from my supper. I hoped it would last at least for tonight.
They seemed to have left in a hurry because of the counting. Yes, our President had ordered that we be counted I guess he was bothered some people weren't paying their taxes or these greedy tax collectors were stealing from him. Who am I to say what they do... Chasing people for expedient taxes of which I see no use .they probably used it to pay the ladies in the brothels they visited.
…… back to my story …. This woman heavy and seemingly in labor was really calm unlike my kid sister when she was in labor screaming her lungs out. That day she gave us hell… I thought she would die and leave to me the burden of rearing her baby  now my most adorable niece.(not that I don’t like babies but I wasn’t ready )
So Mary I believe is her name.. Sitting so composed and with a peaceable expression I was envious, I don’t know how her husband did it but he got his wife bad. I guess she was a strong a woman to handle all the contractions going on in her uterus at the moment. I kept watching her while she ate she was Heavy… how did she even survive the journey on an ass. That ass must have a story to tell.
A faint squint of her eyes gave her out, the contractions were coming faster, I guessed 8 seconds apart. I ran up to call my mother; she knows this kind of thing.  She bolted into the stables how glad she was that another child was going to be born, my mother is such a baby freak no wonder she is a midwife. I well I walked behind her carrying blankets I was excited too but blood freaks me out.
When I walked in there was amniotic fluid splashed all over. My mum had pushed joseph out of the room and had called another of her friends. It felt like one of those scenes of grey’s anatomy where Addison is in full swing with Yang helping out.  The baby came out quickly and Mary was so relieved.
That night, I saw the king.

Merry Christmas. 

Friday, 14 November 2014


i had an amazing time at midweek service this week.  I was privileged to listen to Rev. Jeff Korum. i went late but i managed to grasp something small.  

he gave this title "WHAT JESUS PROMISES" 
 his test from mark's account of when Jesus calmed the storm. 

 when they entered the boat , He went to sleep. This wasn't because  He didn't care it was because He knew exactly what He was doing. He knew no matter what they would get to the other side.
 Most of us are aware of the promises of God (not the method). He has given us big dreams and vision and we are waiting for it to manifest. 

Then the waters began to shake and  a storm began to rage. They just like all of us, began to murmur  and complain  . They lost faith and forgot whom they had .
At times when we are stretched a bit we tend to go into full force saying things we shouldn't . We ask questions we shouldn't  and regrettably we doubt our Jesus.
 WHEN IN DOUBT, TAKE A BOW.  At the feet of the master you will find peace if not understanding for your situation. 

and when the woke Jesus up, He came and spoke and the storm was calmed. Jesus surprised them with the kind of authority He demonstrated. Even the winds and the waves obeyed Him. WHAT MANNER OF MAN ?
 Jesus steps into a situation and God is glorified. the kind of things God can do is simply outstanding. 



we had victory before the battle .

 thank you Mr. KORUM 


total oblivion to the obvious
existing in euphoria
constant exposure to imminent danger
looking on toward that very spot and choosing to be in awe
blotting out our doubts which nag and bout with our hopes.
drawing in a brewing thunderstorm , is it just me or stupidity is simply in-born?
holding on to nothing like it is something.Believing in a Resurrection of ashes.allowing what makes you ill to thrill you. 
Can you not see?
these smokescreens have utterly blinded you and you can't see the truth.You say it makes you feel good but it is slowing ridding you of life . 
there are a number of things we choose to be ignorant about. We prefer to fit in than stand out. We are all scared of what could be and what is. if we would take a chance to stand for truth and blow away the mist , we could make decisions that would yield much. You may not know much but if  you know the word of God and you know that GOD IS FAITHFUL then you shouldn't let the trivial desires and whims of the world whisk you away.
 There is no assurance in life  except JESUS (JN 14V6).doubt will always come but every word of God is tried, tested and true. 
  Money, cars, fame ...... nothing lasts forever. They make life fun and exciting but HE WHO HAS THE SON HAS LIFE. WHAT USE IS HAVING ALL THE POSSESSIONS OF THIS WORLD AND LOSING YOUR SOUL.

don't live a life without God 


Minions they are one of the most adorable fictional creatures i have ever seen  and they act  so innocently stupid sometimes. a minion is a copy not an original but in despicable me, all the minions had their special gifts and no 2 were exactly the same.
Everyday i see many minions come to play the same old game. living out another person's life without a personal vision.seeing through a blurred being an understudy while an entire production awaits your presence.Many misplaced beliefs of responsibility down  regulating our own ability.
To this living dead i dare you to be different. Stop being a shadow , we live on borrowed time and we don't pay a dime least we could do is work on our own gold mine.
Don't look down on what you have , there is a greatness in you you have to give birth to.


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

you cannot love the unseen God and yet claim to hate your fellow man whom you see everyday. 
love is the very essence of God's character. love is patient, kind and doesn't envy .Be kind to your fellow man cos you never know.


 I was opportune to listen to a wise man in the person of Amos Kevin Annan during a youth week event in church and I am going to share what I can remember with you.
SEX is it really a big deal? I know lately it’s all over and not many people are ignorant of how to have sex (thanks to the internet). The problem with knowledge is not that you know but how you use it. So how much do you know about sex and what exactly are you doing with that knowledge?
 So let’s talk about sex. All I know about sex is what I have seen in movies and read in books also what others have said.  Here is what I know from Mr. Annan
1.       Sex is not love.
Don’t go looking for sex and think it is love. Don’t give yourself to sex looking for love. Most men come riding on love but what they really want, SEX. I learnt this first hand. (I was almost a victim). I wish knew this earlier tho.  No hard feelings too
2.       Sexual compatibility shouldn’t be a reason for premarital sex.
No man’s genitals are as huge as a baby’s head(that would have to be scary!!).   The vagina has been wired to stretch to accommodate a baby how much more a penis.
3.       The only experience you will need for your husband is the one he will give you.
Everyone has a particular way they would like to have sex and you and your husband will eventually work your sexual differences out. It only gets harder when you already have mind-blowing sexual experiences you can’t get over. Then the comparison starts and if it isn’t handled carefully you may cheat.
4.       We plan to marry.
If the ring isn’t on that finger, if the hasn’t been a wedding and especially if your parents are not aware just DON’T.  Patience is a virtue. if you are really going to spend your lives together, grow old together WHY THE RUSH?  After you marry sex will obviously happen and it can happen with no headache about getting caught or pregnancy.
5.       Sex is good.
God created sex. I am sure when done right it will be enjoyable. I hope to enjoy it someday.
These I think its hammered in my head ABSTINENCE is best.
So while I wait, I am learning how to cook, clean and be homely. A good marriage is beyond good sex.(I hope my husband agrees with me )



Thursday, 16 October 2014


One by one He made them
according to His likeness
they were formed
but as they conformed
they looked nothing like Him
the purity which shines in beauty
evident as they cry Holy
standing in awe of His glory

who dare stand before Him
only whom He allows
coming through the Son
His glory is all around Him
He is a king on His own
due reverence everyone must show Him
to Him belongs the throne

Friday, 3 October 2014


 I don't really  know you
i heard you paid my debt
so i am guessing that i still owe you
that aside
i realise you have no pride
i still don't get why  you came to die
a friend said it's love
it was sent from above
you came to blot out my sin
to cleanse me from within
redeem me from Satan's grip
i really won't take any blame
i live in a weak frame
i am not smart
i am not rich
you tho
you know everything
your father i heard is filthy rich
but i would like to know this
how can i appreciate you
a friend showed me your letter
i am glad  you care
 even though it took me a while to realize you are always there

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Today I am sad I realize I am bad at handling pain. I also realize just like my sensitive scalp my emotions are even more sensitive.  I admire girls with amazing smooth silky hair. Some sit through the pain others feel no pain. I guess we are all different so we handle situations differently. The results are mostly what we focus on and the method is left to each individual. I am finding a new strategy for perming my hair (suggestions are welcome).
In life we all need solutions but how sure are we of success. Every day the world deteriorates bit by bit I don’t really see that as a problem my issue is with the personal morals we have. Would we do anything and everything to get what we want?  Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, what’s good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander. We are all different and have varying agendas on earth. Your worst crime would be doing what you weren’t called to do. 
 Like my sensitive scalp not everything will work for me because I can’t handle everything.  Maybe I wasn’t called to a permed hair.  Maybe you are struggling with what you are doing because it isn’t meant for you. To be able to achieve you need an anointing for that ministry, job or activity. Don’t do it because people think it is what you should do or because it looks good.  If there’s is an inward desire for something pray to God for that anointing or ask Him to show you what you should be doing just in case you are off track . 
Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s what God wants to do with you is different  from someone else so for your sake do just what you have been called to lest like Martha you will miss the  most important things in life. We say we are busy but if we make God first everything will fall in place.
Stay praying to ensure that your anointing is fresh everyday
Stay reading the word of God is the only way
Stay humble obedience to GOD is always better
Stay trusting God is able.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


If you were Joseph and God had shown you mysteries, you knew you were bound for greatness but by some twist of fate you find yourself in a prison. You know you can’t go home because it was your family that sold you. In this strange land you find yourself, no one cares about truth. You know no one and even the one powerful person you once worked for now despised you. You are paying for a crime you didn’t commit; you were paying for being true to your God.
In that moment when all seems gone and God may look like a fraud, would you still hold on. Would you smile? Would you wake up in the morning with praise on your lips?
Perhaps you would take Job’s wife’s advice,” curse God and die”
Jesus said in this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world.  John 16:33
God knows we have troubles, problems or challenges whichever word you choose to use. No matter the cause or the issue know this Jesus has overcome the world! We also have overcome because we are in HIM. For in Him we live and move and have our being.  Once you come to Christ know that you are a joint heir with Him.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all.
No matter what your life is like God shall deliver from the miry clay ad set your feet on higher ground.
I don’t know much but I know that God is faithful.
His plans are of good not evil to give us a hope and a future.
All we have is the word of God and this gives us a hope and a future because God is not man that he should tell a lie nor the son of man that he should repent. His words are our insurance policy.
There will be  trouble but we have a God who never fails. he sees it before it happens and he provided a solution a long time ago.
The egyptians you see today you will see no more.
And this is the victory that has overcome the word , even our faith.
We are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us and called us out of darkness into his beautiful light.


 We meet them everyday
 And usually we think cliché
But stepping out of our own way
 We bring a smile to a face
We bring warmth to a soul
Heal a broken heart
 Who knows
 It doesn’t take much to love
Sacrificing doesn’t kill
Being indifferent is selfishness
 A reprise fruiting demise
The same pain all over
What if we showed love
Some peace could creep through the broken pieces
The hand we lend 
Could create a happy end.


There are those things we never want to let go off. It may not be gold but it is our little treasure. Like when I get a brand new set of headphones I pray it doesn’t ever get spoilt because I like my music. Music gives me pleasure.
We have a way of holding things dear out of fear. we don’t want to lose certain items or relationships because they mean so much to us.
What if what you held dear didn’t actually care? What if you held on to a hope that was bound to drown and you would be forgotten in a sea of forgetfulness. And if you held on to something of no worth at all it will crumble to dust in your care.
There are two things I would like to do better with, knowing the right thing to hold dear and who I can share those things with.
 If people don’t hold dear what you hold dear they will never understand what exactly your treasure is and they definitely won’t help you preserve it. If you have friends that hold you dear they will always find a way to stick around no matter how different you are. If they know you hold something dear for your sake they will hold it dear. They won’t slander you for your beliefs even if they disagree. 
There are some things that are so silly but God always still makes sure we get them when we ask.  I have worried about some things and God made a way  for me and  now, when I think back I realize how silly I have been, That’s because he is our friend. He knows what matters to us and hence it matters to Him. It mattered to Him when Abraham didn’t have a child and when Abraham was telling God his fears God told him not to worry because it was already in his plans. GOD CARES.
We are worth more to God than we could ever imagine. We are a treasure to Him because he gave up for us His only son. I have come to realize that these 2 things matter most our relationship with God and our purpose. On these two I pray we never compromise. In our search for all the good things in life, these two should not be missed. They define us. They define our worth. They make us treasure.
Mathew 7v6

‘’do not give to dogs, what is sacred; do nor throw your pearls to pigs. If you do , they may trample them under their feet ,and then turn and tear you to pieces.”

Wednesday, 13 August 2014



First glance

Nothing to admire

The same old me

 Wretched and distraught

 I still carry scars

Results of my troubled past

The issues in my life that keep surfacing now and then

My mind stays up pondering on them

Wishing that things had been different

Living in regret doubtful I will ever be free

From these tears that haunt me

Flashes of him, then me

Enter her

And I vanish into thin air

My breakdown could have killed me

Never had I been this traumatized

Not even my mother’s beatings caused me this kind of pain

And in the end it was a blame game

 He said   she said

The biggest challenge was to act perfectly fine

 To hide my tears from the world

And be strong

He always did say I needed to be strong


Look at this again

I went through pain

Yet I gained strength

 I was someone’s fool

But I learned wisdom

I stooped low

But now I stand tall

Flashbacks still come

But I no longer run

I am bracing the broken down girl

And realizing it has worked out for my good

God has use for the broken

He gives peace to the weary

And joy to the downcast

 If the tears roll down my cheeks

If my emotions want to sink me

If a voice tells me I am no good

I know in my heart

I have been redeemed

Set apart and honored

I may not see it yet

But God’s going to get me there

 Whatever you have been through

Whatever is happening

Take a second look

See God’s point of view

You are redeemed.





Friday, 8 August 2014


 There’s a strange tune in my head
It sounds familiar but I sense the peril
 Why does it also bring much thrill?
The idea of being in control doing whatever you want
But what does power mean
Is it just me or power ends up in slavery
To be one’s own boss is to be one’s own slave
To one’s own desire and cause one’s own demise
Does free will really give you a will
Or do we lie through our teeth to fit in
Even though we say we are free
 We say we do what we want
Is what we our hearts truly desire
 Or what another man requires
 Is it that desire  carries   fear
 Maybe a burden burden we all must bear
If it is could we please share.

In Christ we are made whole and free.


 I never know where I will end up
But I have a sure hope
I don’t see what awaits me
But I have a sure hope
I don’t know where I am now
But I have a sure hope
I couldn’t tell why I cried then
 But I have a sure hope
I can’t explain why I smile
 But I have a sure hope
I have been told not to worry
Because I have a sure hope
I have been told I was set free
Because I have a sure hope
I have been told I am a conqueror
 Because I have a sure hope
I have been told a man died
To give me a sure hope
I would like you to join me
So we belong to  a sure hope.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I was amazed when I chanced upon a book titled Jesus Doesn’t live in Brooklyn. For a minute I just wondered what exactly John Gallagher was trying to say then again they say you don’t judge a book by its cover so I actually got to reading it.
After the first chapter I learned that Brooklyn is a place of hopelessness and great demise. What God used Paul Wilson to do is amazing. The gradual growth of his faith and the final discovery of his purpose: to bring the love of God to the destitute to bring Jesus to the lost. The progression of a man in a God given direction leading to a world changing venture.
Metro ministries was born out of his obedience to what THE LORD laid on his heart. A ministry which brought joy to the children of Brooklyn and now is adapted in other parts of the world.  A bus went round every Saturday to pick these kids to and from the location. The creation of a haven where kids can feel love and forget whatever problems they had back at home, and understand the love of Jesus. The kids learn songs, play and receive exhortation from Pastor Paul. This did save some from street violence and delinquency giving them an alternative lifestyle.
The kind of patience and persistence Pastor Paul has shown is naturally unimaginable. I have had to babysit a few kids and I kept getting frustrated at their silly behavior. Pastor Paul however has been able to handle over one thousand kids all at the same time. He found something these kids like and nicknamed his ministry YOGIBEARSUNDAYSCHOOL. Yogi and his counterpart booboo are classic cartoon characters which are simply lovable and I remember them getting on the ranger’s nerves too.(those two were rightly matched)
Like every other venture metro ministries had its fair share of trouble. It almost died when they got evacuated from their initial location; a church .The kids had destroyed a pew and caused a clogging in the washroom. The displeasure of telling the kids they could no longer have their Saturday meetings was Paul’s.  A message came to him through another preacher when he was giving up. By a miracle he was able to pay for an old warehouse to refuel the ministry and this time God gave him sponsors which provided transport to convey the kids to the new location. People all over had begun to hear of this wonderful miracle and sent in donations to save the young people of Brooklyn. This time it was bigger than before over 2000 kids came every Saturday. Imagine over 2000 kids receiving the love of God and being drawn to Jesus! I am sure Jesus was very happy after all Paul was feeding His sheep.
Pastor Paul Wilson is one world changer who didn’t give up when they lost their initial meeting place but fought for what he believed that everyone can be saved.

#yogibearsundayschool #metroministries #paulwilson

Monday, 26 May 2014


This is inspired by Jonathan McReynolds. He sings about how we need to take our stand for Christ. How we must not be church goers alone but we must have Christ at heart.
“it would be cool if we could love the Lord and still go do our own thing but it doesn't work like that , you've got to be black or white.”
Many times we like to take middle ground, seemingly, a safer choice where we can benefit both ways. Beware how much you are willing to compromise on. Are these compromises really in accordance to God’s will? Will the compromise give long-term benefits or are they fleeting pleasures?
Personally I have strayed from His will and compromised quite a number of times and each time I learn that it always better to stick to his plan. They are many things that look much more attractive that what God seems to be doing but He alone sees the full picture.  

My new impulse is to go with God. Obey because that is the only way. We follow Christ entirely on grace because we could never measure up.  Our obedience to the words of the Lord and the direction of The HOLY SPIRIT will keep us. No matter how deep we sink grace we have received through Jesus Christ will keep bringing us out and enable us to walk the straight and narrow.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


However do we keep up with the changing times? There is such a growing need to be up to date with the rest of the world and at times I go crazy.
In the past , our great grandparents kept money hidden in the ground where no one knew ,today we walk to banks and a computer which is operated by a person gives away how indebted or financially stable we are. I am not saying it’s bad ,it’s just the gross change in how man  acts today. Previously a lady (unmarried) was expected to be covered up real good and today we see a lot of ladies with much less clothing and No one shows concern. We have all been left to our whims good or bad.
So how do we ever keep up with these changes and still not lose our faith, our values and not be archaic. It’s pretty simple do not follow every trend that comes up. These trend come and go and come again after a couple of years maybe decades but they still come back… nothing is new under the sun.

So maybe today in your part of the world tights are trending sorry but you are a tad bit late. They were trending when I was 3! So don’t try so hard to keep up with the trend. Find who you really are and what works for you set your standards according to your image THE IMAGE OF CHRIST. 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


We all to some extent want to play God. We wish we could have it all,  be it all and do it all but what would that make us. YEAH i know, we would be proud conceited people without love. Our every move would be so sure that we would take our Creator for granted and forget we exist only because He does.
Jesus was right when He said it is harder for a rich man to enter into heaven than for a camel to go through a needle. He was NOT hating on rich people but establishing the fact that when  people are self-sufficient it is difficult to see the need to trust in God or to even believe in Him. It takes a lot of grace and mercy to be able to hold on to God when there is too much intellect, money or comfort.
We are tempted to think we are all good because we have our physical needs and we lack nothing. If the Lord opens our eyes to see the truly important things in this life we react to stuff much more differently.

If we study the life Of JESUS our SAVIOR we will wonder how he survived, there may not have been technology in His time but there where definitely other seemingly exciting things to engage oneself. YET, Jesus choose to live a quiet life in obedience to the voice of the Father and did not forget what HIS PURPOSE WAS. 

 i believe it's the same story with our lives on earth, God has an assignment for everyone of us. We have a set time to complete it but what are we doing with our time? Do we make enough time for what really matters? ARE WE MARY OR MARTHA? HAVE WE FOUND THAT ONE THING THAT MATTERS. ARE WE AT THE MASTER'S FEET? OR ARE WE BUSYING OURSELVES WITH THE DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES FORGETTING THAT ONE THING.
 We are in the world but not of it, we need grace to constantly remind us that there is a time coming when the master will require of us what he left in our care.