Sunday, 31 May 2015

Street Corners

The street corner can be an utterly   lonely   place . In the street corners   of your life you are irrelevant   and  many people pass you by.
 If The king  threw a party you wouldn't  expect   to be there ,I mean why would  mere men be invited   at the king's  table?
 The parable   Jesus   told in Luke 22 of the great king who throws this amazing   party for his son.
He sends out invite to the elite of the kingdom but everyone   of them have an excuse   and other businesses   to attend to.
Then he asks his servant to go out to the street corners   and invite anyone they find .  What an honor !
Now the party has started   and the king begins to walk amongst the guests finds  a man who is not properly   dressed .  He asks the guards   to throw him out . Why? The man was invited and  showed up you would think the kings would be more merciful . ..
 Many times we forget we are called to dine with the king. Our behavior   and appearance   must align with the environment   we find ourselves  . We don't go for a party in rags... neither do we go without a present   for our   host.
In the Christian   walk we must remember  that we are always at a dinner party   of the king's   son. We are to behave and look as such in order to honor   the son.
We must   be clothed   in His righteousness  which he already  bought   for us by His blood. We must honour   Him and the sacrifice   he made by walking   in the way . We walk in the way by abiding   in the Lord .
We must reflect the Christ who dwells within not believe   he is in us and have nothing   to show for .
We must be   clean inside out.
 At judgement   when He comes make sure you aren't  dressed in rags or out young I'll go where there will be gnashing   of teeth.

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THE VOICE GHANA presents help a child read project.
From 1st to 6th June , The   towns of Jirapa , Nandom   and Lawra   in the the Upper West Region of Ghana  will be visited with the   sole purpose   of encouraging  reading and writing   amongst  children.

Activities   include  :
Street library
Teaching   and interactive   sessions   with the kids.

growing   up I remember   this song on TV  about reading   a book every day of your life .  Why   read?
1. To gain new vocabulary
2. To broaden   your horizon
3.   To experience   theblifebof a person you will never   meet.
The  desire  to read and taking time to read are vital skills to develop .  We commend the voice Gh for trying   to inculcate   the habit of reading  in our siblings   up north .
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Friday, 22 May 2015

L💞ve is

Love is how I feel when I wake up in the morning
Thoughts   of you flood my mind
Like a broken dam
I would give anything   to make you happy

Love is how I speak with you
Carefully  choosing   my words
I wouldn't  want to wound your soul
Regrettably  your words   pierce mine

Love is my helping hand stretched  out
But you stay in the ditch  out of your stubbornness
I want to save you
But you   just turn away

Love is watching  you shout and scream
Blaming me for a blunder
To which I concur
I only want to make peace

Love is me putting   you first
Making sure your heart is content
Enabling   you   to keep your smile
And not expecting   you to repay me

 Love is praying  for  you
 To receive  strength  in your weakest hours
Being the shoulder  you cry on
Being a shield from pain

Love is  walking in the Spirit
Honoring   the Lord
Helping  a neighbor
Love is of God

Monday, 11 May 2015

Desire and affection .

What do you cherish   most? What can't   you do without?
If you were given   your heart desire what would you do with it?
What exactly   does your heart desire?
 Where   your heart is ,is where your treasure  is.  We have so many things we are drawn to by simple desire or innate neccessity . Things of this world are beautiful to the eys and pleasant to posses . Remember the world and all it's  glory is fading. There are things , trends that came so many years  ago and they keep returning in a different light with little tweaks here and there. Leotards are now represented as legging , the all natural hair of the   is creeping back with people   rejecting permed hair. There is nothing   really new under this sun. What has been will be. That sounds pretty boring right? I know  let's make   conscious   efforts   to keep your   eyes on Jesus and His promises . His ways are not ours neither are his thoughts   our thoughts .  Behold He does a new thing.
We many at times put our hearts   on things that we can easily   quantify . Expecting to receive  in return   all we give In equal amounts
Set your affections on things above  means holding   nothing dear to your heart   while on earth .  It means remembering each day that whatever you have is  gift of God and keep your eyes on the giver not the gift.
Nothing   in this world will bring the satisfaction   you are looking   for.
David prayed satisfy my soul with you every morning .
Everyday   make a choice   to be satisfied   with the word of God and  His presence
Trust in God and hope only in him.

I tried to find peace
In the world   of broken   pieces
I opened   my heart to give
Expecting   to receive
But lo was I reminded  
That gifts   are only of God
All I gave out was by God
So I set my affections on him
And He alone fulfills me