Saturday, 20 June 2015


 I am sure we all played hide-and-seek  as children . I could coil myself   into the smallest   corner and yet still my brother   almost   always   knew where to find  me.
The truth   was he was older than me and he knew me so finding   me wasn't   such a herculean  task.

In our lives there are times  we play hide-and-seek   and it's really no fun.
 We are modern-day  Jonahs   running   from God believing   we can hide from Him.
 The psalmist   said , there's   no place I can hide from you,even if I go to the deepest   waters  you are there.
Where could   we possibly   hide from the Maker of it all .
We are   hiding   from God by rejecting   the Salvation  He provides   in Christ  Jesus .
We are hiding   from him when we refuse to confess our sins and walk in Holiness .

God   is seeking   us ,so he sends his word to us in preaching , music ,kindness to name a few.

A time is coming   when God will not be found
(seek him while he maybe found)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Eternal life is here and now

Last night I was blessed to be ministered by Rev Dr. Ampiah Kwofie Of Global Revival Outreach ministries.
He mentioned   something   I didn't  fully understand   until this morning .
"Eternal  life God gives is here and now.  "
What?? Here on earth we have eternal  life ? ?
I was also puzzled , the eternal   life I had always   known   was life in heaven   or hell,The afterlife .

Your choice

But today I find in John 17:3 
"Now this is eternal  life: that they know you, the one true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." 

Eternal  life begins here on earth when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior .  It is Knowing   God in all His dimensions   and Jesus Christ   whom He sent .

With this new knowledge  I understand   other verses like
     He who has the Son has life
 Not a life after  death alone but an internal dwelling   and victorious   life  even while here on earth .
We should   make daily   efforts   to know the Father and the Son in this knowledge   we have eternal  life .
This is truly   the victory   that has overcome  the world  even our faith
 We can live victorious   everyday because   we have a life with God and His son.
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Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I seek you with all my heart;do not let me stray from your commands  -Psalm 119:10

I love this story - you may have read it before, but it so beautifully  illustrates  the need to keep our eyes   on Jesus.

Walking through  freshly  fallen snow , a father wanted to teach his son a key lesson in life. He said,"Son, I'm going to walk to that tree about 50 feet ahead in a perfectly  straight   line. Then I want you to do same."

The father walked   to the tree. He turned to look at his son and they both observed  the  perfectly  straight  tracks  in the snow. Not wanting  to fail the test, the son looked at his father and began  to walk. He looked down at his steps and veered to the left. He looked up and corrected   his course .He looked down again ,. He veered to the right and had to correct   his course once more. Arriving at the tree,his tracks told the story of his failure.
His father explained , "Son as long as you focused  on me your tracks were straight . The moment   you took your eyes off  me,you got  off track. The key is keeping   your eyes  on the goal . "
 So it is  in life . There is one primary goal  and if it becomes the heart and focus of your life it will be the key to eternal  success .  That goal is following   the Lord. If we are to have a strong walk with Christ  Jesus ,  we have to look to Him as the pioneer  and perfecter  of our faith. When  we are lured in by the weight and Sin of the world which clings so closely ,  we take our eyes off of Him.
But when we keep our eyes on Him , He will keep us right on track to where we need to go.
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