Thursday, 30 July 2015

Our Fathers

The man who bring you to life is your father. The one who pays for food and clothes and gives you a place   to lay your head. These are the father's we often see and we are to honour   them . Eph 6:1-3

Spiritual fathers . .. they are the men with an anointing we  would like to inherit . These are the men to whom the Holy  Spirit   will lead you to tap into uncommon  grace and favor.
They may be near us or far but God will create a spiritual  link which we didn't have with them initially and lead us to follow in their steps and their teachings .
Elijah was Elisha ' s father.

Then we have our heavenly  father. Matthew  6:9( Our Father who art in heaven) We cannot see or  touch Him physically.
The father we share with Jesus who makes us royalty . God the Father is the Father  of Fathers . Rom 8:15 (.... and by Him we cry Abba Father)  John 8:41 (......the only father we have is God Himself)
He is the Father from which all things derive their life. He is the creator of all that is and is to come. Deuteronomy  32:6 (....Is he not your Father your  Creator . ...)
He is the Lord of Hosts ,Alpha and Omega ,the only wise God. In need of nothing and does all in order to glorify  Himself in our  life . This is   God The Father . .. the one whom we must be in awe off .  Jesus cried out Father into thy hand I commit my spirit   , meaning   even in our deepest darkest moments   ,He is there.

You may have an earthly father, a spiritual  father  but do not  forget   your heavenly father. God is your father

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Monday, 20 July 2015


I Have been in a dark place
I have fought the dark shadows
I have been held captive by the horror within
My soul has been broken into uncountable pieces
my nerves seared by hot coal
I  am alive and living
Yet dead and rotting
My face is blank and you can't read me
My aim exactly
So when you see me
You keep wondering
How i got here is my secret
I have looked for salvation
I have craved understanding
i have sought to be justified
But i realize that's life
Not everyone is a friend
Not everyone cares
doesn't mean they hate you
They have better things to do
So i find in my dark place how i can be rescued
A show of love deep in my tissue
from a gentle one who doesn't care my issues
A kind of man who truly loves you
A kind of man who is true
And that's what i saw when i found you