Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Happy new month folks . 
I have always wondered why growing up had so many restrictions. I honestly felt tied up because Christianity was like a chore. I have read that God's word is not burdensome as we presume it is. Today I heard a word from Rev Andy Yawson about becoming a spiritual giant. A bit too much? Well he didn't get to the giant part in my podcast but I heard about 2 people who aren't giants. 
  1. The natural man 
  2. The Carnal man 

To be honest, the carnal man is the biggest deception I have believed. 
The carnal man  is a man who believes in God. A man who has confessed Christ as Lord but has over the period done nothing to   Grow . They are comfortable christians. They may have gifts of the spirit maybe some fruits of the spirit but they lack a sense of spirituality. Not saying fanatics (people who are justified by a right and wrong law) but people who actively use the word of God in its right context in every situation. 

I know it sounds tricky . I am not sure myself but if we were to pray for discernment and rightly divide the word of God not just quote scripture .  Constantly studying scripture , praying and learning to walk with God. 

P.s I found a new bible app too. She reads truth . Join me too.