Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dark lights

2.       Shine your light.

There is a need to let people see Christ in you. There is a need for you to be a guide to someone to find Christ.

We may be ardent readers of the bible and may have imbibed soo much of the Holy spirit in us but it is completely useless when we cover the light and keep it all in.
Yours may be just a daily encouragement with a bible verse  continue to do it.

It may be you share your testimonies of the deliverance that God has provided to encourage someone’s unbelief.

It could be you pray with someone once in a while, you share a little of your blessings or maybe you drag someone to church even if they complain, whatever it is remember that it is Jesus who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure . He started something in you and He will see to its completion. It is not up to you to know how He wants to work it just trust and obey.


I have tried to pray on my own and tried to make it a habit to prayer at a certain time everyday. It is tough no lies but today my eyes were opened . I saw a group of friends go to pray then it hit me, the reason I struggle to keep up with my prayer times is probably because there is no one I am accountable to.   I Alone know I pray at this time ,I alone know why I am nowhere to be found at that time. I alone… how selfish ! I have had a light and I have hidden my light. I am letting I alone get into God’s presence forgetting I have been charged to go into the light and make disciples of nations ….teaching them that which The Lord has taught me. I hope my friends forgive my selfishness. I hope like those group of friends I invite my friends to go on prayer walks with me or share my daily Joyce Meyer devotions.



I have been a very dark light, a highly selfish Christian and I am broken as to how much I have let experiences and situations change me.


Hopefully you  and I can go on this journey of Shining together.

 If you have a light and you are covering it because you are scared of shy or for whatever reason you have know that someone’s ticket to heaven is on you.


Well once there is life there is hope


It is hard to communicate how you relate with God and how you want to be near him when you (me) have been ridiculed for that same reason earlier in life.

It is harder when you(me) know you are still struggling to walk the straight and narrow because of countless experiences of, let downs and heart breaks.

Be still and know that I am God.

The troubles of the present (and the past) cannot be compared to the glory that is to come.


Keep being the Christ-like person you have always been. Keep doing the things God has convicted you to do even if you don’t feel like it.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dark Lights

Would you light a lamp and keep it under a table? When Dumsor hits you would you keep the lantern under the table still? Easter was an exciting time for me. I learnt about how I and probably you too enjoy being dark lights.


There are many people with wonderful relationships with God. They are tongues speaking Christians who receive visions and divine revelations on life from God. There are people who when you mention a Bible verse the kind of divine insight they can share would make you marvel?

As it is in the scriptures we have a form of godliness but deny its power. We like to look cool and not have people ask us questions about our religious choices and like to look normal A  Lot!

Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the food sacrificed to the idols. Meschach ,Shadrach and Abednego refused to bow to a god even when threatened with death.

It is not because our generation is a harder one than theirs  ,but we have not set in stone our do’s and don’ts and are not ready to fight for what we believe.

Many people known the Bible and what it says yet woven fewer are ready to do what it says let alone fight for its truth.




We can shine by

1.       Letting the word dwell richly in your heart.

They word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against you.David knew the importance of having the word in your heart. When u keep something in your heart, you cherish and jealousy watch over it. Eph 1:18  I pray that your hearts be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called –his holy people who are his rich glorious inheritance.

LIGHT IS AN EMMISION OF ABSORPTION ..whatever colors we see it is because the material has absorbed its spectrum and is emitting what it already has.

When we spend time in the word of God we flood our hearts and our minds with light. We allow the Spirit of God to come and fill us and transform us. We are able to then show that which has been given to us to the world.

Perhaps you have been reading your Bible for a while but you don’t feel like much change is happening, don’t stop. His ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts our thoughts, keep reading, keep praying keep doing whatever you are doing to get closer to God and to shine .

It may take a while, you may stumble but keep moving till you are convicted by the Holy Spirit and live according to the word of God.