Monday, 12 September 2016

A good place to praise

In my disappointment with myself this morning .....

When sin weighs heavy on you
And you feel soiled and dirty
Its a good place to praise
Remember you were bought at a price
Where Lord Jesus bled and died

When you try with all your strength
To pray, read the word and share
But every effort is met with sleep, sleep and judgment
Its a good place to praise
To suffer with the Lord is a blessing
For we will be risen with Him in heaven

When no one believes in your dream
That your hope in God is not just a theme
But a deviation to truly live for Him
Pulling down all altars to worship The Elohim
Its a good place to praise
Because praise will always make a way  

Time with God

You set an alarm for dawn to wake up and pray. The alarm goes off and you wake up to turn it off only to go back to sleep or browse the internet.


I have set 3 alarms to remind me to spend time with God daily. If I followed it I would have at least 3 hours of time with God t grow my spirit.
 so I woke up today at dawn as always, turned off the alarm and began tapping on my phone screen. In an hour my radon was on listening to a preacher as a morning was two hours later I picked up my devotional. Then I realized what has been happening to me.
I have been substituting God for other things! Harsh Truth.
So after I struggled to ignore my phone and had my quiet time which was titled Christian Time with God. I wrote this.
Reading Psalm 39:1-5 and Psalm 90:1-12

I learnt that the condition of my heart and  my mind are in two different places. The condition of the heart and the mind must be on the same page to some extent to achieve some things.Our minds want one thing and our hearts another. The funny thing is the mind has a louder voice than the heart so in your heart you want one thing but your mind being loud went ahead of your heart.
If we can tame our minds to follow the direction of our heart in things of God we will find the discipline to pray, to fast, to wait on The Lord.

My next alarm is noon and I look forward to my time with God. Will let you know how it goes.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The first seventy years


 Psalm 90:10

Seventy years are given to us

Some even live to eighty

But even the best years are filled with pain and trouble;

Soon they disappear ,and we fly away.


How old are you now? If we were to live up to 70  years , how many years do you have you?

So what have you done so far with the years you have actually lived?

Have you spent time worrying about your pain and struggle?

Are you worried about death ?

What ever is in your past even in yesterday is dead and gone. Time wasted can never be regained but we know that God is in control of our lives and even the things that seem evil can be used for our good. He knows how to transform anything into a testimony.

 I am 24years now meaning I have 46 more years to do what I have been called to. I have to try and make each day count. We all do.
May we learn to number our days and gain hearts of wisdom.