Wednesday, 13 August 2014



First glance

Nothing to admire

The same old me

 Wretched and distraught

 I still carry scars

Results of my troubled past

The issues in my life that keep surfacing now and then

My mind stays up pondering on them

Wishing that things had been different

Living in regret doubtful I will ever be free

From these tears that haunt me

Flashes of him, then me

Enter her

And I vanish into thin air

My breakdown could have killed me

Never had I been this traumatized

Not even my mother’s beatings caused me this kind of pain

And in the end it was a blame game

 He said   she said

The biggest challenge was to act perfectly fine

 To hide my tears from the world

And be strong

He always did say I needed to be strong


Look at this again

I went through pain

Yet I gained strength

 I was someone’s fool

But I learned wisdom

I stooped low

But now I stand tall

Flashbacks still come

But I no longer run

I am bracing the broken down girl

And realizing it has worked out for my good

God has use for the broken

He gives peace to the weary

And joy to the downcast

 If the tears roll down my cheeks

If my emotions want to sink me

If a voice tells me I am no good

I know in my heart

I have been redeemed

Set apart and honored

I may not see it yet

But God’s going to get me there

 Whatever you have been through

Whatever is happening

Take a second look

See God’s point of view

You are redeemed.





Friday, 8 August 2014


 There’s a strange tune in my head
It sounds familiar but I sense the peril
 Why does it also bring much thrill?
The idea of being in control doing whatever you want
But what does power mean
Is it just me or power ends up in slavery
To be one’s own boss is to be one’s own slave
To one’s own desire and cause one’s own demise
Does free will really give you a will
Or do we lie through our teeth to fit in
Even though we say we are free
 We say we do what we want
Is what we our hearts truly desire
 Or what another man requires
 Is it that desire  carries   fear
 Maybe a burden burden we all must bear
If it is could we please share.

In Christ we are made whole and free.


 I never know where I will end up
But I have a sure hope
I don’t see what awaits me
But I have a sure hope
I don’t know where I am now
But I have a sure hope
I couldn’t tell why I cried then
 But I have a sure hope
I can’t explain why I smile
 But I have a sure hope
I have been told not to worry
Because I have a sure hope
I have been told I was set free
Because I have a sure hope
I have been told I am a conqueror
 Because I have a sure hope
I have been told a man died
To give me a sure hope
I would like you to join me
So we belong to  a sure hope.