Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Today I am sad I realize I am bad at handling pain. I also realize just like my sensitive scalp my emotions are even more sensitive.  I admire girls with amazing smooth silky hair. Some sit through the pain others feel no pain. I guess we are all different so we handle situations differently. The results are mostly what we focus on and the method is left to each individual. I am finding a new strategy for perming my hair (suggestions are welcome).
In life we all need solutions but how sure are we of success. Every day the world deteriorates bit by bit I don’t really see that as a problem my issue is with the personal morals we have. Would we do anything and everything to get what we want?  Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, what’s good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander. We are all different and have varying agendas on earth. Your worst crime would be doing what you weren’t called to do. 
 Like my sensitive scalp not everything will work for me because I can’t handle everything.  Maybe I wasn’t called to a permed hair.  Maybe you are struggling with what you are doing because it isn’t meant for you. To be able to achieve you need an anointing for that ministry, job or activity. Don’t do it because people think it is what you should do or because it looks good.  If there’s is an inward desire for something pray to God for that anointing or ask Him to show you what you should be doing just in case you are off track . 
Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s what God wants to do with you is different  from someone else so for your sake do just what you have been called to lest like Martha you will miss the  most important things in life. We say we are busy but if we make God first everything will fall in place.
Stay praying to ensure that your anointing is fresh everyday
Stay reading the word of God is the only way
Stay humble obedience to GOD is always better
Stay trusting God is able.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


If you were Joseph and God had shown you mysteries, you knew you were bound for greatness but by some twist of fate you find yourself in a prison. You know you can’t go home because it was your family that sold you. In this strange land you find yourself, no one cares about truth. You know no one and even the one powerful person you once worked for now despised you. You are paying for a crime you didn’t commit; you were paying for being true to your God.
In that moment when all seems gone and God may look like a fraud, would you still hold on. Would you smile? Would you wake up in the morning with praise on your lips?
Perhaps you would take Job’s wife’s advice,” curse God and die”
Jesus said in this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world.  John 16:33
God knows we have troubles, problems or challenges whichever word you choose to use. No matter the cause or the issue know this Jesus has overcome the world! We also have overcome because we are in HIM. For in Him we live and move and have our being.  Once you come to Christ know that you are a joint heir with Him.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all.
No matter what your life is like God shall deliver from the miry clay ad set your feet on higher ground.
I don’t know much but I know that God is faithful.
His plans are of good not evil to give us a hope and a future.
All we have is the word of God and this gives us a hope and a future because God is not man that he should tell a lie nor the son of man that he should repent. His words are our insurance policy.
There will be  trouble but we have a God who never fails. he sees it before it happens and he provided a solution a long time ago.
The egyptians you see today you will see no more.
And this is the victory that has overcome the word , even our faith.
We are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us and called us out of darkness into his beautiful light.


 We meet them everyday
 And usually we think cliché
But stepping out of our own way
 We bring a smile to a face
We bring warmth to a soul
Heal a broken heart
 Who knows
 It doesn’t take much to love
Sacrificing doesn’t kill
Being indifferent is selfishness
 A reprise fruiting demise
The same pain all over
What if we showed love
Some peace could creep through the broken pieces
The hand we lend 
Could create a happy end.


There are those things we never want to let go off. It may not be gold but it is our little treasure. Like when I get a brand new set of headphones I pray it doesn’t ever get spoilt because I like my music. Music gives me pleasure.
We have a way of holding things dear out of fear. we don’t want to lose certain items or relationships because they mean so much to us.
What if what you held dear didn’t actually care? What if you held on to a hope that was bound to drown and you would be forgotten in a sea of forgetfulness. And if you held on to something of no worth at all it will crumble to dust in your care.
There are two things I would like to do better with, knowing the right thing to hold dear and who I can share those things with.
 If people don’t hold dear what you hold dear they will never understand what exactly your treasure is and they definitely won’t help you preserve it. If you have friends that hold you dear they will always find a way to stick around no matter how different you are. If they know you hold something dear for your sake they will hold it dear. They won’t slander you for your beliefs even if they disagree. 
There are some things that are so silly but God always still makes sure we get them when we ask.  I have worried about some things and God made a way  for me and  now, when I think back I realize how silly I have been, That’s because he is our friend. He knows what matters to us and hence it matters to Him. It mattered to Him when Abraham didn’t have a child and when Abraham was telling God his fears God told him not to worry because it was already in his plans. GOD CARES.
We are worth more to God than we could ever imagine. We are a treasure to Him because he gave up for us His only son. I have come to realize that these 2 things matter most our relationship with God and our purpose. On these two I pray we never compromise. In our search for all the good things in life, these two should not be missed. They define us. They define our worth. They make us treasure.
Mathew 7v6

‘’do not give to dogs, what is sacred; do nor throw your pearls to pigs. If you do , they may trample them under their feet ,and then turn and tear you to pieces.”