Monday, 20 July 2015


I Have been in a dark place
I have fought the dark shadows
I have been held captive by the horror within
My soul has been broken into uncountable pieces
my nerves seared by hot coal
I  am alive and living
Yet dead and rotting
My face is blank and you can't read me
My aim exactly
So when you see me
You keep wondering
How i got here is my secret
I have looked for salvation
I have craved understanding
i have sought to be justified
But i realize that's life
Not everyone is a friend
Not everyone cares
doesn't mean they hate you
They have better things to do
So i find in my dark place how i can be rescued
A show of love deep in my tissue
from a gentle one who doesn't care my issues
A kind of man who truly loves you
A kind of man who is true
And that's what i saw when i found you