Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Today I am sad I realize I am bad at handling pain. I also realize just like my sensitive scalp my emotions are even more sensitive.  I admire girls with amazing smooth silky hair. Some sit through the pain others feel no pain. I guess we are all different so we handle situations differently. The results are mostly what we focus on and the method is left to each individual. I am finding a new strategy for perming my hair (suggestions are welcome).
In life we all need solutions but how sure are we of success. Every day the world deteriorates bit by bit I don’t really see that as a problem my issue is with the personal morals we have. Would we do anything and everything to get what we want?  Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial, what’s good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander. We are all different and have varying agendas on earth. Your worst crime would be doing what you weren’t called to do. 
 Like my sensitive scalp not everything will work for me because I can’t handle everything.  Maybe I wasn’t called to a permed hair.  Maybe you are struggling with what you are doing because it isn’t meant for you. To be able to achieve you need an anointing for that ministry, job or activity. Don’t do it because people think it is what you should do or because it looks good.  If there’s is an inward desire for something pray to God for that anointing or ask Him to show you what you should be doing just in case you are off track . 
Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s what God wants to do with you is different  from someone else so for your sake do just what you have been called to lest like Martha you will miss the  most important things in life. We say we are busy but if we make God first everything will fall in place.
Stay praying to ensure that your anointing is fresh everyday
Stay reading the word of God is the only way
Stay humble obedience to GOD is always better
Stay trusting God is able.