Tuesday, 2 September 2014


There are those things we never want to let go off. It may not be gold but it is our little treasure. Like when I get a brand new set of headphones I pray it doesn’t ever get spoilt because I like my music. Music gives me pleasure.
We have a way of holding things dear out of fear. we don’t want to lose certain items or relationships because they mean so much to us.
What if what you held dear didn’t actually care? What if you held on to a hope that was bound to drown and you would be forgotten in a sea of forgetfulness. And if you held on to something of no worth at all it will crumble to dust in your care.
There are two things I would like to do better with, knowing the right thing to hold dear and who I can share those things with.
 If people don’t hold dear what you hold dear they will never understand what exactly your treasure is and they definitely won’t help you preserve it. If you have friends that hold you dear they will always find a way to stick around no matter how different you are. If they know you hold something dear for your sake they will hold it dear. They won’t slander you for your beliefs even if they disagree. 
There are some things that are so silly but God always still makes sure we get them when we ask.  I have worried about some things and God made a way  for me and  now, when I think back I realize how silly I have been, That’s because he is our friend. He knows what matters to us and hence it matters to Him. It mattered to Him when Abraham didn’t have a child and when Abraham was telling God his fears God told him not to worry because it was already in his plans. GOD CARES.
We are worth more to God than we could ever imagine. We are a treasure to Him because he gave up for us His only son. I have come to realize that these 2 things matter most our relationship with God and our purpose. On these two I pray we never compromise. In our search for all the good things in life, these two should not be missed. They define us. They define our worth. They make us treasure.
Mathew 7v6

‘’do not give to dogs, what is sacred; do nor throw your pearls to pigs. If you do , they may trample them under their feet ,and then turn and tear you to pieces.”