Wednesday, 29 October 2014


 I was opportune to listen to a wise man in the person of Amos Kevin Annan during a youth week event in church and I am going to share what I can remember with you.
SEX is it really a big deal? I know lately it’s all over and not many people are ignorant of how to have sex (thanks to the internet). The problem with knowledge is not that you know but how you use it. So how much do you know about sex and what exactly are you doing with that knowledge?
 So let’s talk about sex. All I know about sex is what I have seen in movies and read in books also what others have said.  Here is what I know from Mr. Annan
1.       Sex is not love.
Don’t go looking for sex and think it is love. Don’t give yourself to sex looking for love. Most men come riding on love but what they really want, SEX. I learnt this first hand. (I was almost a victim). I wish knew this earlier tho.  No hard feelings too
2.       Sexual compatibility shouldn’t be a reason for premarital sex.
No man’s genitals are as huge as a baby’s head(that would have to be scary!!).   The vagina has been wired to stretch to accommodate a baby how much more a penis.
3.       The only experience you will need for your husband is the one he will give you.
Everyone has a particular way they would like to have sex and you and your husband will eventually work your sexual differences out. It only gets harder when you already have mind-blowing sexual experiences you can’t get over. Then the comparison starts and if it isn’t handled carefully you may cheat.
4.       We plan to marry.
If the ring isn’t on that finger, if the hasn’t been a wedding and especially if your parents are not aware just DON’T.  Patience is a virtue. if you are really going to spend your lives together, grow old together WHY THE RUSH?  After you marry sex will obviously happen and it can happen with no headache about getting caught or pregnancy.
5.       Sex is good.
God created sex. I am sure when done right it will be enjoyable. I hope to enjoy it someday.
These I think its hammered in my head ABSTINENCE is best.
So while I wait, I am learning how to cook, clean and be homely. A good marriage is beyond good sex.(I hope my husband agrees with me )