Friday, 14 November 2014


total oblivion to the obvious
existing in euphoria
constant exposure to imminent danger
looking on toward that very spot and choosing to be in awe
blotting out our doubts which nag and bout with our hopes.
drawing in a brewing thunderstorm , is it just me or stupidity is simply in-born?
holding on to nothing like it is something.Believing in a Resurrection of ashes.allowing what makes you ill to thrill you. 
Can you not see?
these smokescreens have utterly blinded you and you can't see the truth.You say it makes you feel good but it is slowing ridding you of life . 
there are a number of things we choose to be ignorant about. We prefer to fit in than stand out. We are all scared of what could be and what is. if we would take a chance to stand for truth and blow away the mist , we could make decisions that would yield much. You may not know much but if  you know the word of God and you know that GOD IS FAITHFUL then you shouldn't let the trivial desires and whims of the world whisk you away.
 There is no assurance in life  except JESUS (JN 14V6).doubt will always come but every word of God is tried, tested and true. 
  Money, cars, fame ...... nothing lasts forever. They make life fun and exciting but HE WHO HAS THE SON HAS LIFE. WHAT USE IS HAVING ALL THE POSSESSIONS OF THIS WORLD AND LOSING YOUR SOUL.

don't live a life without God