Friday, 22 May 2015

L💞ve is

Love is how I feel when I wake up in the morning
Thoughts   of you flood my mind
Like a broken dam
I would give anything   to make you happy

Love is how I speak with you
Carefully  choosing   my words
I wouldn't  want to wound your soul
Regrettably  your words   pierce mine

Love is my helping hand stretched  out
But you stay in the ditch  out of your stubbornness
I want to save you
But you   just turn away

Love is watching  you shout and scream
Blaming me for a blunder
To which I concur
I only want to make peace

Love is me putting   you first
Making sure your heart is content
Enabling   you   to keep your smile
And not expecting   you to repay me

 Love is praying  for  you
 To receive  strength  in your weakest hours
Being the shoulder  you cry on
Being a shield from pain

Love is  walking in the Spirit
Honoring   the Lord
Helping  a neighbor
Love is of God