Monday, 11 May 2015

Desire and affection .

What do you cherish   most? What can't   you do without?
If you were given   your heart desire what would you do with it?
What exactly   does your heart desire?
 Where   your heart is ,is where your treasure  is.  We have so many things we are drawn to by simple desire or innate neccessity . Things of this world are beautiful to the eys and pleasant to posses . Remember the world and all it's  glory is fading. There are things , trends that came so many years  ago and they keep returning in a different light with little tweaks here and there. Leotards are now represented as legging , the all natural hair of the   is creeping back with people   rejecting permed hair. There is nothing   really new under this sun. What has been will be. That sounds pretty boring right? I know  let's make   conscious   efforts   to keep your   eyes on Jesus and His promises . His ways are not ours neither are his thoughts   our thoughts .  Behold He does a new thing.
We many at times put our hearts   on things that we can easily   quantify . Expecting to receive  in return   all we give In equal amounts
Set your affections on things above  means holding   nothing dear to your heart   while on earth .  It means remembering each day that whatever you have is  gift of God and keep your eyes on the giver not the gift.
Nothing   in this world will bring the satisfaction   you are looking   for.
David prayed satisfy my soul with you every morning .
Everyday   make a choice   to be satisfied   with the word of God and  His presence
Trust in God and hope only in him.

I tried to find peace
In the world   of broken   pieces
I opened   my heart to give
Expecting   to receive
But lo was I reminded  
That gifts   are only of God
All I gave out was by God
So I set my affections on him
And He alone fulfills me