Monday, 23 March 2015

we're having a baby

I know the adrenaline   rush and all from  breaking news of being pregnant . . Must be nice.
Sorry but I am not ready to be a mom   yet . My "man friend " says I have been having   an obsession   with pregnancy   all year ,truth is I like babies   cute little   angels who can bring out the devil in you.
I want to ask you this "what would you name your  child and why?"
I told myself   I would name one cumin and the other calamus . .which   are actually   spices I came across   reading my Bible   then I found   out they still use them in India !
I wouldn't  want my child ending   up in a pot of stew.
 Names can   at times ultimately  shape a child's   behavior
Some kids behave  just like the person they were named  after And at times certain   names just carry a certain   effect on all those identified by it.

My local name Agyeiwa   ... most people   expect me to be aggressive   and I was some time back back lashing  and all "hard  girl" .
  Growing   up I realize   I don't want to be her personality   wise. I am more passive more minding my business  and just a calmer person (Thank God) .
 The name also has the eagle   as it's   continuation
Agyeiwa  )k)die3 . . So I like the part where  I am challenged by my name to soar.

 Then there's   the issues   of nicknames.
Our  friends   give us all sorts of nickies . . Mostly   from an event that occurred when we met them or our nature in general .
Well   I was surprised   when I heard "murder1" "d-crymes" "kp3l3ms"
As nicknames   πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Always   wondered   what brought   that up.
Nickies are fun yes but you don't always  have to identify with them .  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU ARE HEADED   . Stick to that

 Names have effects on us like with what people   say you  the words we uttered have day.
There is power in the tongue   and if your name is calling  out some curse or laziness   into your life please  start rejecting   it .  Pursue a new name .
 And oh yh if you want to name your child After someone   pray and cancel the negatives   of that name from your child's   life #necessary

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