Wednesday, 29 June 2016

After School Reflections

1.       Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall make your path straight.
The road for me in university has had lots of up and downs. I shed tears, skin and friends and for someone who grew up believing the world is right if you do the right thing and treat people right  you can imagine my shock. People will never do for you what you do for them. You will get fed up of trying to be there  for others. You will be misunderstood A Lot because you are different. The tendency to go with the flow is pretty high. The desire to belong is within everyman and it is normal just make sure it doesn’t take you where you are not wanted or respected.  Trusting in a plan  made for you before you were conceived  is the only way to avoid messing up. God doesn’t need to show us the whole picture but when we take each day with Him and trust that all things are working for our own good when the picture is finally revealed we will understand smiling with no regrets. Praying about friendships, hurts, finances, academics and family has helped me through those four years because there was a God who listened.

2.       Pray continually

Prayer works. I used to pray every Sunday like a sorta communication time with God after church but I got lazy. I used to pray every afternoon after class but it was hard to be in a room with people after class and pretend to sleep while you actually want to pray so your prayer time might just end up in sleep. I used to pick the first Sunday of each month as time to plan the month with God. Then I tried using 6pm walks to engage in prayer. I even had a prayer timetable.  Prayer is important not just in school  but for life . Prayer may not guarantee heaven but it is leverage on earth. I can’t say I prayed enough while in school but I believe Godspeed every litte effort made to communicate with Him.Go to church, pray in groups but don’t forget personal prayer. If you are like me struggling to find a place to pray after school maybe stay behind .i am no expert but as a student you need to pray. Pray about everything, what people say how they treat you how you feel about thing. Pray continually about everything .


3.        Make choices

This was my saddest forte because it was my weakest. Choices, conscious ones need to be made. Along with a choice must  come an action. I tried to explain my action to people who didn’t make the choices with me . They didn’t make the choices because they weren’t looking for the result  I was looking for. Obviously I was looking odd to them. The thing with a personal choice is it is personal. Your convictions will never be as strong as the next person’s. So make a choice and stuck to it, if you have someone who will be useful in accountability areas tell them about it if not you may need new people in your life or get creative in evading questions from those who won’t let you be. Not every choice is everyone’s business some you can tell people with explanation others you suffer in silence and criticism.