Monday, 29 August 2016

Things that matter.

Ever been in a battle with your will? We all have those moments where the will to do something and the need for it are on opposite sides of the compass.

So my latest dilemma was a simple picture. To post or not to post?

Of course please post. You looked amazing anyways. It is a statement which screams yes world I am growing . Nothing wrong really with posting but I wondered why sharing that particular picture felt so important in that moment. So I didn’t .

What are the things that really matter to you? Are they suppose to matter? Why? Do they fulfill a particular purpose?  Why is that purpose important?

When my mentality shifts  like this I see how needless social media may be for some of us. I mean so far my social media doesn’t seem to profit nothing and I don’t only mean money.    


But then again, I have been lifted up by the inspirational words and bible verses my friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter share.

I have learnt from links to certain articles and I have become better. I am an “Amalia”  as a friend said always indoors but my door to learn trends and insight into this modern era has come from online experiences.

I realize that there are more important things than my facebeat( yes I slay) and red rocking dress I felt like sharing or showing off.  Have fun and share your memories with the world nothing wrong with that.

Don’t however make the social media set standards for up because the same society hailing Jesus crucified Him. Study to sow yourself approved by God not man. What are we but as fleeting as flowers.

Our identity, direction and action must be directed by the Spirit of God. Isaiah 11:1-3 tells us the levels of operating in the Spirit we need.

Flora a friend of mine always used to say “be spiritual ’ trust me then it was annoying but honestly it is necessary. We walk not according to the flesh but the Spirit.

In the words of a wise man(Rev. Andy Yawson),  you and the world do not have the same primary purpose. May our eyes be on the things that have purpose alone.