Friday, 17 August 2012

don't know what tittle to give but i just wanna share with you all what i believe ,

i believe in love , because love is pure , love is true and love doesn't fail

love protects ,love endures ,love shelters  and keeps no wrong 

if we learned to love one another as God loves us , we are most  gonna do away with all the hurt and pain we carry around everyday 

ever watched gossipgirl, then u would see that riches doesn't answer every question  but i must insist money is good  .  we should cherish better things , things like love, trust and family, we usually give these up for a  a few pennies maybe a few million dollars but whatever happens money runs out .  friends  leave u when u don't have money but people who understand the frailty of money don't , they are the ones who love u and who u can trust  don't be fooled though , there those who wouldnt take your money but break your trust, there are those who wouldn't break your trust but break your heart . the way the world system works u can never be too sure or too safe .THE GOD SYSTEM HOWEVER ,MAKES U TREAT THOSE WHO HATE YOU AS LOVERS AND  MAKES U GIVE PEOPLE SECOND CHANCES  EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T DESERVE IT  . THE GOD SYSTEM IS ALL ABOUT HAVING LOVE! SHOWING CARE AND DOING WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO TO YOU. SO THE NEXT TIME U WANT TO BE RUDE THINK HOW U WOULD FEEL  IF THOSE WORD CAME RIGHT AT U, THE NEXT TIME U WANT TO TALK ABOUT WHETHER U LIKE BEING SLANDERED.TRUTH IS WE NEED TO EXHIBIT LOVE EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO US ,OR WHO KEEPS RUINING OUR MOOD. EASIER SAID THAN DONE BUT WE HAVE A FRIEND IN GOD WHO HELPS US TO THINGS IN HIS STRENGTH AND NEVER OURS  ... I COULD GO ON AND ON... BUT MAYBE U NEED  A MINUTE TO REFLECT  AND I NEED TO WELL HAVE  MY QUIET TIME .. LOVE U ALL BUT GOD LOVES U MORE