Friday, 17 August 2012

starting from scratch

hello bloggers ,
       just joined the blogging experience and looking forward to a great experience .

this blog is about how we can our faith in God . if u are like me ,going back and forth between  GOD and the world  be a fan  and letz help each other grow and maybe save some more souls after all that is what we are here for , i wanna start of by sharing what i learnt this morning i am in Ghana and we ve this amazing preacher dag heward mils , i listen to him a lot .... what i learnt from this morning was , that WE SHOULDN'T seek the PRAISES OF PEOPLE on earth BUT of GOD  IN HEAVEN .AND  WE VE A GREAT RESPONSIBLITY IN SOUL WINNING . SO PLEASE DONT GET HUNG UP ON WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT U . ITZ  NOT REALLY ABOUT THEM . ITZ ABOUT WHAT GOD SAYS .