Sunday, 18 May 2014


However do we keep up with the changing times? There is such a growing need to be up to date with the rest of the world and at times I go crazy.
In the past , our great grandparents kept money hidden in the ground where no one knew ,today we walk to banks and a computer which is operated by a person gives away how indebted or financially stable we are. I am not saying it’s bad ,it’s just the gross change in how man  acts today. Previously a lady (unmarried) was expected to be covered up real good and today we see a lot of ladies with much less clothing and No one shows concern. We have all been left to our whims good or bad.
So how do we ever keep up with these changes and still not lose our faith, our values and not be archaic. It’s pretty simple do not follow every trend that comes up. These trend come and go and come again after a couple of years maybe decades but they still come back… nothing is new under the sun.

So maybe today in your part of the world tights are trending sorry but you are a tad bit late. They were trending when I was 3! So don’t try so hard to keep up with the trend. Find who you really are and what works for you set your standards according to your image THE IMAGE OF CHRIST.