Monday, 26 May 2014


This is inspired by Jonathan McReynolds. He sings about how we need to take our stand for Christ. How we must not be church goers alone but we must have Christ at heart.
“it would be cool if we could love the Lord and still go do our own thing but it doesn't work like that , you've got to be black or white.”
Many times we like to take middle ground, seemingly, a safer choice where we can benefit both ways. Beware how much you are willing to compromise on. Are these compromises really in accordance to God’s will? Will the compromise give long-term benefits or are they fleeting pleasures?
Personally I have strayed from His will and compromised quite a number of times and each time I learn that it always better to stick to his plan. They are many things that look much more attractive that what God seems to be doing but He alone sees the full picture.  

My new impulse is to go with God. Obey because that is the only way. We follow Christ entirely on grace because we could never measure up.  Our obedience to the words of the Lord and the direction of The HOLY SPIRIT will keep us. No matter how deep we sink grace we have received through Jesus Christ will keep bringing us out and enable us to walk the straight and narrow.