Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I was amazed when I chanced upon a book titled Jesus Doesn’t live in Brooklyn. For a minute I just wondered what exactly John Gallagher was trying to say then again they say you don’t judge a book by its cover so I actually got to reading it.
After the first chapter I learned that Brooklyn is a place of hopelessness and great demise. What God used Paul Wilson to do is amazing. The gradual growth of his faith and the final discovery of his purpose: to bring the love of God to the destitute to bring Jesus to the lost. The progression of a man in a God given direction leading to a world changing venture.
Metro ministries was born out of his obedience to what THE LORD laid on his heart. A ministry which brought joy to the children of Brooklyn and now is adapted in other parts of the world.  A bus went round every Saturday to pick these kids to and from the location. The creation of a haven where kids can feel love and forget whatever problems they had back at home, and understand the love of Jesus. The kids learn songs, play and receive exhortation from Pastor Paul. This did save some from street violence and delinquency giving them an alternative lifestyle.
The kind of patience and persistence Pastor Paul has shown is naturally unimaginable. I have had to babysit a few kids and I kept getting frustrated at their silly behavior. Pastor Paul however has been able to handle over one thousand kids all at the same time. He found something these kids like and nicknamed his ministry YOGIBEARSUNDAYSCHOOL. Yogi and his counterpart booboo are classic cartoon characters which are simply lovable and I remember them getting on the ranger’s nerves too.(those two were rightly matched)
Like every other venture metro ministries had its fair share of trouble. It almost died when they got evacuated from their initial location; a church .The kids had destroyed a pew and caused a clogging in the washroom. The displeasure of telling the kids they could no longer have their Saturday meetings was Paul’s.  A message came to him through another preacher when he was giving up. By a miracle he was able to pay for an old warehouse to refuel the ministry and this time God gave him sponsors which provided transport to convey the kids to the new location. People all over had begun to hear of this wonderful miracle and sent in donations to save the young people of Brooklyn. This time it was bigger than before over 2000 kids came every Saturday. Imagine over 2000 kids receiving the love of God and being drawn to Jesus! I am sure Jesus was very happy after all Paul was feeding His sheep.
Pastor Paul Wilson is one world changer who didn’t give up when they lost their initial meeting place but fought for what he believed that everyone can be saved.

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