Saturday, 14 January 2017


So exactly a week today I got a really good testimony on why you should pay tithe. I paid tithe and got the money in abundance that very same day. That is still relevant but I have been thinking on my confidence in God's abilities.

God can really do anything with anyone in any situation. But do you believe he can. Are we ready to let go and let Him be God.

As a child, I remember writing an exam in Junior High . A friend who claimed to have seen my grade called out something I didn't want to imagine for myself and I immediately rejected it trusting God. (Yea I was a bit of a fanatic which is great for faith living).  in my second year of senior secondary school, I decided to trust God with everything there were too many issues at home and I literally couldn't depend on anyone. So it was just my bible and me. I saw exam results I had never ever seen in my entire secondary school life. In University my second year, I opted for a position of leadership which seemed to be taking all my time and I took out time to pray everyday, made Sundays a Sabbath where I didn't study till about 6pm everyday. For a pharmacy student, that is Super scary.  That semester I saw results I had never seen in my entire university stay.

So I am reflecting on the goodness of God and I realize that God has been good to me . I however seemed to lose the right balance in life after God showed me so much grace. I either begin to study hard because I felt if I did it before maybe I can do it again. I NEVER DID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. I stopped acknowledging God and tried to put my best efforts together.

Apart from Him we can do nothing isn't just a word of revelation of how much we need God but also of how much He wants to bless us. The blessing is in Him. If we are under the direction and obedience of God, then our way will be clear and we will prosper.
BUT OUR MINDS, our minds pull us from a place of spiritual perfection and try to use logic or experience and we wonder why Naaman wouldn't go into the Jordan River and bathe seven times.

We do the very same thing. We think that perhaps God will do some great and mighty gimmicks to direct us. Not to say He doesn't sometimes but God can also be a still  small voice. It may seem like a useless act of obedience or unjustified offering of act of giving. Remember His ways are not our ways neither are His thoughts our thoughts .

We need to have the mind of Christ, He went out each morning to spend time with God and through that fellowship, Miracles were wrought by Him. Maybe its time to give up 5 minute prayer times for something higher, รค deeper realm of faith and trust. God wants to bless you. We need to however get the memo, take our eyes from ourselves and keep them on the Cross.
In the Cross is your Glory.

I was listening to the CEO of KHARIS mag and he said something striking, We need to live in the spiritual realms and leave the physical, when the battles are won in the spiritual the physical will have no choice but to manifest it.

Pray to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit not your emotions.
God is faithful are you?
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