Friday, 26 December 2014


I remember how the day came. He was born that amidst the creatures. It comes as no surprise that he wasn’t ordinary after all.
I saw the man looking weary and worried, his wife primigravida. My land lord had said no not because he had no heart but no room so he gave them his barn free of charge to pass the night .I must say never had I seen him so moved. I can’t recall their names but on the donkey they came and the Mrs. looked really hungry. I served them a plate; few left over from my supper. I hoped it would last at least for tonight.
They seemed to have left in a hurry because of the counting. Yes, our President had ordered that we be counted I guess he was bothered some people weren't paying their taxes or these greedy tax collectors were stealing from him. Who am I to say what they do... Chasing people for expedient taxes of which I see no use .they probably used it to pay the ladies in the brothels they visited.
…… back to my story …. This woman heavy and seemingly in labor was really calm unlike my kid sister when she was in labor screaming her lungs out. That day she gave us hell… I thought she would die and leave to me the burden of rearing her baby  now my most adorable niece.(not that I don’t like babies but I wasn’t ready )
So Mary I believe is her name.. Sitting so composed and with a peaceable expression I was envious, I don’t know how her husband did it but he got his wife bad. I guess she was a strong a woman to handle all the contractions going on in her uterus at the moment. I kept watching her while she ate she was Heavy… how did she even survive the journey on an ass. That ass must have a story to tell.
A faint squint of her eyes gave her out, the contractions were coming faster, I guessed 8 seconds apart. I ran up to call my mother; she knows this kind of thing.  She bolted into the stables how glad she was that another child was going to be born, my mother is such a baby freak no wonder she is a midwife. I well I walked behind her carrying blankets I was excited too but blood freaks me out.
When I walked in there was amniotic fluid splashed all over. My mum had pushed joseph out of the room and had called another of her friends. It felt like one of those scenes of grey’s anatomy where Addison is in full swing with Yang helping out.  The baby came out quickly and Mary was so relieved.
That night, I saw the king.

Merry Christmas.