Monday, 2 February 2015


I was out on the streets..And the nights were cold...
Till I was found by a loving man one day.
Taking me off the streets, he replaced my torn, raggy clothing with a white robe after he had washed me clean. And the warmth of His embrace shielded off the cold. He seemed to know me and was overjoyed he had found me. It was a great feast the day He brought me home.
Day after day, I grew, loving him and knowing him more..
Never had I seen such riches and my feeble mind could not comprehend such wealth. There was joy in abundance, love was the language he spoke. He gave me much and adorned me with what I knew I didn't deserve. Yet, it was his delight doing so. He taught me to speak his language and I cherished dearly the time we would spend in conversation.
But I ran...
Yes, I ran.
Far away from his house..
And nothing could explain the pain in my heart afterwards.
Yes, I did love His company.
And I did love it in his house but after I thought I had gained much, I ran back to the streets..
Immature, I was, and this cost me much.
Yet I ran, back to where I was before He came along. Cuz I had foolishly thought i was missing out on some adventure there. Instead, it was the cold rain that welcomed me...This time, worse than before.
I saw a figure amidst the showers
A man's form in the rain
When the lightening introduced the thunder, I saw clearly. That it was him.
He came through the rain
To rescue me again..
For he knew that I would soon feel the pain of running from his sheltering arms.
With shame, I ran towards him and fell at his feet.
But then he touched my shoulder
And raised me to my feet.
Then as I gazed at his face,
Such radiance I had never seen before surrounded him.
And peace seemed to flood my soul.
His love reached out to me,
Yes, I felt His warm embrace
And something deep within me told me that that was my place.
Then I knew-
He is Emmanuel,
The LORD who is with me.