Thursday, 23 April 2015

Having the right attitude .

Ingratitude   is the most difficult   thing to  forgive.
You are Killing   yourself but those you sacrifice   for do not recognize your efforts . You wish you could just stop being good to them, you are a Christian   whose life should be based on the words of Jesus . The greatest   commandment is to the the Lord  your God with all your heart, mind and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS  YOURSELF .
the first   part is easier   to deal with cos we all agree God   is perfect and always   knows what HE is doing.
How about that sister or brother  who calls you up only when they need something ,  or they abuse your kindness but are never go out of their way to help you. To them they come first . To keep   constantly   obeying  these words are not easy,
1. Not everyone   will see your effort but that's   fine as long   your motives are pure (give without expecting from  man  ) and you do it in obedience   God its OK  👍
2. in all that you do, do as unto God. Jesus said ..whatever   you do to the least of these you do to me. Make honorable   decisions   and sacrifices   you know God will be glorified by.
3. Don't know count of what you do for people . Do what you can   and will for them but do not do it in order to recount   in some time to come
4. Lower your expectations   . Do not expect people   to repay you. Close your mind to earthly  returns from people   keep your mind on what God can  give and do for you. Remember   the blessing   of obedience . Don't complain  about  how people  treat you when they have more than  you but  differently   when they have less .