Saturday, 20 June 2015


 I am sure we all played hide-and-seek  as children . I could coil myself   into the smallest   corner and yet still my brother   almost   always   knew where to find  me.
The truth   was he was older than me and he knew me so finding   me wasn't   such a herculean  task.

In our lives there are times  we play hide-and-seek   and it's really no fun.
 We are modern-day  Jonahs   running   from God believing   we can hide from Him.
 The psalmist   said , there's   no place I can hide from you,even if I go to the deepest   waters  you are there.
Where could   we possibly   hide from the Maker of it all .
We are   hiding   from God by rejecting   the Salvation  He provides   in Christ  Jesus .
We are hiding   from him when we refuse to confess our sins and walk in Holiness .

God   is seeking   us ,so he sends his word to us in preaching , music ,kindness to name a few.

A time is coming   when God will not be found
(seek him while he maybe found)