Monday, 21 December 2015

seasons greetings 🎅🎉💐

Recently I had the privilege of being made up with some expensive make up. When the MUA was done, I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror. I was a lighter version of myself from a few dabs of makeup. This recall brought to mind one word , image. I was told I couldn't recognize myself because I wasn't used to the makeup.
We are molded in the image of the Almighty, our spirit man should flow with Him in unity. We reflect His  glory and men see us and give Him glory. Do people see Jesus in you? Do you see Jesus in you?

Some people are heavy with anointing they are seemingly ashamed of because they will be teased. They ignore it and pretend not to know how to operate in it. People want to belong so much they forget they already belong. We are a royal priesthood, a holy nations, God's special people. We look different from the world because we don't wear makeup anymore Or are you so used to the makeup and trying to fit in that God no longer recognizes you? Do you find your image as Christ's, are you shining brighter and brighter unto the morn?
 We forget a day is coming where we will no longer have makeup to hide our tears, wears and scars. When all is said and done and it is just you before the throne, will you stand, will your dedication, commitment and actions to the Lord melt in the flames or come out shiny?
Holidays are here and everyone is excited about the season and about Christ. We remember the babe born to us with a purpose and image he kept from day1

Jesus spent time in prayer and in the word..... as the year ends lets find our only image which is Christ in prayer and bible reading that we may walk blameless before the Father.
 as the year ends ,Can You recognize yourself?
Did you start well and get lost?
Are you  feeling guilty and lost?
Come to Jesus  now.