Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Left, Right, Up and Down


You never know how complicated life is until you are left all alone,

Abandoned and rejected with frustration creeping into your life when everyone is gone,

Your sight blurred by the fog of loneliness,

Because all you have known is what you are left,

But look right,


You think you look right and so you are right,

Until one day you will realise that you are just right wrong,

Wrong about the thoughts you hold captive about yourself,

Kidnapping people's perception in the chambers of your heart,

Storing them under the right conditions in the store house of your mind,

You think your heart is right?

You might be wrong because the last time it got broken you might have missed a broken piece,

But look Up,


You look up to yourself and not to God,

All because you hold in your hand a million dollar bill,

But you have forgotten that everything that has a beginning has an end,

So chill,

When the whole world comes to an end, how are you going to end?

But look down,


You look down on yourself like the cedi compared to the dollar,

Forgetting who God made you to be,

Thinking the world is now upside down,

Because you mostly hit rock bottom,

But don't forget that the only way up is down,

You see sometimes you might get into life's ups and downs,

And when you look left and right there is no one,

But then look up to God and not down to yourself,

Then you will realise that God has always been at your left and right.