Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year Formulas

I remember studying Pythagoras theorem as a student . a simple formula which worked only for right-angled triangles. It wouldn't work for any other and I always wondered why. I believed mathematics is relative and no matter the formula once you get the right answer it's cool.
Sorry, but it doesn't work that way...I learned that the hardway, several try and errors.
             Life is like a mathematical equation. 
 An excuse is given only when we fail to obey.we justify why we failed to do that which was expected.
My theme from church for this year is.....listening and obeying the word of God.
I had a good first service and I will share what I learnt ...
Did you know that you can live right under the presence of God and still not hear or receive from him?
The Boy Samuel slept right where the ark of the Lord was and until God called him which he misinterpreted it till Eli the priest showed him the directions to  communicate with God.
Many are under powerful anointing and cannot tap it as they do not know how. May God grant us insight to receive. Amen.
Obedience is acting on instructions given by a superior.

One thing to always remember is obedience makes life easy! 

A formula can never be wrong. It is tested and proved and always gives the expected result.
Obeying God , his word and his revelations is a formula. It places us in a position of protection, favour and grace and life will get easy.
Don't do anything God hasn't approved ..  Don't try to help God with you wisdom, strength or intellect. Just  Obey.
All we can do is to Trust and Obey .