Monday, 21 March 2016


 As he walked the streets, bleeding from his back the enormous  chunk of wood gracing his back.He was walking to the hill where he would need to surrender, his final act of Trust. Onlookers still not understanding why an innocent man had been exchanged for a guilty man.

This would probably be my version of Jesus walking to Golgotha if I was there but we Mathew,Mark, Luke and John’s account ,it should be enough. Calvary walking is one lonely road.

When you begin to change your ways to the standard of God, there are two things you will be hit with

Doubt from within and doubt from without.

You will at times feel unsure of your decisions and doubt that you are on the right path. The battlefield of the mind is going to be a hot zone . When doubt however the best choice is to OBEY whatever the Lord says. Do what the Bible says and follow the deep convictions of the Holy Spirit.God’s ways are not our ways neither are our thoughts his thoughts for as high as the heavens are above the earth  so are his ways higher than ours. We try to understand God to know what he is doingbefore we move along. That is a wrong move, we must Trust in Him and Obey because he knows the end from the beginning.  With every little obedient act we build faith for greater things and as He leads and we follow we will discover how sure His ways are. When in doubt Obey.


Then there’s everyone else who is around us. Some genuinely think we are getting somewhere with being married to Christ and others think it is a phase.

Doubt from without comes from being teased and called names because of our convictions about Christ. Truth is, God will always give each of s personal convictions on everything and it will always conform to the Bible. People (Believers and Non- believers) will not always understand. That’s OK. Many misunderstood Christ till he fulfilled the word of God for his life.

 In all this, we must remain in prayer and bible reading. Those are sure ways to hear from God ad be led by him.

Calvary walking means falling and getting up éverytime, it means asking for help when the Cross is too heavy to bear. It means despising the shame ,it means not stopping till you reach that place of complete Trust in God.

At Calvary, we would have to forgive ,we would have to endure, we would have to trust,we would have to surrender.

Jesus hang on that cross and while he was being crucified,
He forgave (Luke 23:34)

He endured (Mark 15:34)

He surrendered (Luke23:46)


Till we get to that place of total surrender, and become dead to ourselves, we may never be resurrected with Him and enjoy that Glory that our Lord Jesus did.

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