Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Puppies, cute adorable yet so stubborn. They chew on anything , the like to jump around and then bark a lot.😏 well , we got a new puppy quite recently and she is quite a hand full. Cleaning after her every morning is not my favorite chore but no pain no gain though I am not quite sure what I will be gaining.

In trying to train her so she doesn’t poop all over the house, my brother tried a new approach, he chained her to a small tree in the garden just a few minutes. A few minutes not because he wanted to like run trials or anything, we usually leave her in the porch you see , but to get her to know and do the right thing , change was necessary.she was there for a few minutes till I came out and saw her struggling to free herself. I quickly asked my brother to free her and put her somewhere more comfortable .


That’s how my insight came.  I like very comfortable situations and solutions . I runaway from stress and pressure. I hate to feel stuck, powerless and small. In our weakness His strength and  is perfected. We may be stuck somewhere just so we learn a lesson which will be useful somewhere. We may be stuck so we develop a trait that will help us go to places beyond our imaginations.

Do you feel stuck? Well sit there and enjoy the process, develop yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, build capacity for the journey is far.

A porter   when molding the clay took it through many phases and shapes. It probably looked out of shape a lot of times and it hated its own form and begged to be free yet it humbly obliged to every breaking will of the porter.

Many people like comfort especially me. When the word suits as we take it when it doesn’t we shun it. Funny thing is the truth will never change, was listening toTED talks and the speaker was like when we learn to be comfortable with our discomfort then we can progress.

Comfortable Christianity is really easy to fall in but it doesn’t mean be a judgmental Christian. I have learnt to deal with others in grace and in doing so I find I watch my actions more carefully praying I do not fall into temptation.

When a situation is uncomfortable, check if the discomfort is temporal. It could be a stepping stone to a greater end. Above all pray for grace to continue in the walk.

Do not be obstinate like the mule allow God to mold you