Sunday, 2 October 2016

Do you believe He exists?

Hebrews 11:6
.........because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists.......
In this present age, science seems to have an explanation for everything and the things yet to be explained are currently under investigation.

We can never explain what made Abraham leave his father's house , a place of comfort to pursue a certain promise which a certain voice had told him off.
Why would Noah build an ark on certain instructions which were enough to ensure every creature on the planet had a place in it.

They believed in the existence of a higher power, something greater than themselves ,greater than the worlds and everything they had seen or experienced.

They believed He Existed 

Faith produced a holy fear in Noah when his world was full of men following their own desires. HE OBEYED, following everything he had been told in His Spirit even when he was made a laughing stock. He became an heir of righteousness by his faith. Abraham left the gods he knew and ventured into lands promised to his descendants even though he had no child. He saw stars and sandal and a destiny while still childless. He had faith that the one who promised was able. He may not have understood how it was gong to happen but he let God be God.
Through his faith his son Isaac also obtained the promises of God to Abraham. Faith can produce transferable blessings to generations unborn.
Isaac saw his father's faith when he was almost sacrificed and God provided. He then also transferred his faith to his sons . 

Your choice to believe in God is more than one you make for yourself because your faith will affect generations after you.