Tuesday, 24 March 2015

a heart's song

I raised my hands
I said yes
Take it all Lord
I want it no more
I said I was over
I was done  with the world
But I still lived in the world
I knew I was not off this world
I was a slave no more
I was free
 To do as I pleased
To be all he had made me
But it didn't feel so
I was highly conscious
I was too afraid   to make a mistake
Was this freedom   or another   kind of bondage
I wasn't   sure how to start
Whether to lose who I was entirely
Whether   to completely ignore my bosom friends
Just in case they led me astray
I had taken a step
But I wasn't   sure how to walk
The path was so uncertain   and the curiosity   within I couldn't   contain
So I picked a preacher, made him my god
This man must surely be perfect
Oh so I thought  
I followed closely,
Imagined all he does to keep  saintly
I started   on a path not   mine
I tried to be him
Forgetting   who was the way
I left the truth   behind
I walked in wrong light
This light grew brighter  
And my burden heavier
I can't do this
"Christian  " may just not be for me
So I walked away from  it all
I felt   free and weirdly restored
The old path is broader, easier and Comfy
 This is who I was born to be or at least that's   how I felt
Years roll by
And I am dry cleaning
 then I dusted up the word and read
The one which said
To each a different   gift but by the same spirit
Curious   to know what mine was
I started   with  Him
This time Him alone
No crowd no role model
Just me and Him
Taking little   steps but getting there daily
I felt   like I was behind
But this time   it felt too real and it was mine
He showed me exactly  who he made me to be
why it didn't   work   the first time
And this time I knew I had Truly found Jesus.
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