Thursday, 27 August 2015

Can you relate ?

i can relate
when that sin stares you the face
and you need to decide your fate
minutes of unbridled passion or heaven forever
i can relate
when nothing seems to work out
and you've lost the last bout
keep surviving or throw in the towel
i can relate
when no one can understand
why you frown and don't want to turn it upside down
You aren't pissed at the world
you just don't understand yourself
i can relate
when stay all day in your room
share your bed with gloom
counting down the days to when you can self-inflate
be that person you have always known you are
i can relate
when you stay on your knees
palms joined yet no words to pray
Trusting somehow He will satisfy every need
i can relate cos i have been there before
had no one to call
Save Christ Our Lord