Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ready ?

 At 18 I cried I was dying to not be 18 . what was I going to do with my life? I mean school and all but how meaningful will my life be to anyone. I had to decide to make choices ..right ones of course. But boy I wasn't ready and 5 years down the lane I realize I'm still not ready.
Now u may think I don't have purpose or vision  but I am amongst the present day youth  who are not sure where to start from.  Today I was listening to Bishop Dag and I realised it is a good thing to not be ready.

Ready says I can , I will by all means

Not ready says .. I must learn ..I must be patient and grow into it.

So see the beautiful vision you have .. Are you really ready?

Sometimes we want to take on the world because we know technology makes things easier but it is better to get experience from those who know.

Like Peter we like to believe we are ready to go all out till the cock crows on us.  
Then we have to deal with the unexpected... It is more wisdom to prepare and avoidmistakes others have made than fall in the same ditch.
  So ask yourself
Am I ready for life?
Am I ready for love?
Am I ready for people ?

Pray about all the things you want to be ready for. After all it is The Holy Spirit that can lead us in all truth and remind us of all we have learnt  , He is our comforter and guide

You can never be totally ready but your prayer,  learning and patience with yourself to grow will take u through.
He who thinks he is standing should be careful lest he fall.