Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Little too late

I went out with friends about two weeks back. We had a good time. I ordered safe food, food I know my body doesn’t react to. A friend of mine orders something a bit out of my safe food range but since we wrer all feeling free and sharing, I took some of hers and she some of mine.
The very next day I saw a spot on my skin I ignored. In three days my body was covered in spots. My body was allergic to whatever was on my friend’s plate I dared to try. 
I learned some lessons from this,
1.       Keep to your own and be content. What someone else has in life may look more sophisticated, more mature, more organized or to some extent everything you have ever wondered. Maybe I should have been more content and minded my own business. In this case my own plate. No matter how unattractive or plain your life may seem it is only for your own good or sometimes just a stepping stone to a more glorious end. The laws of God are not too tedious for us to follow  but we like to try too many things as though God doesn’t know what he is doing. Truth is He knows everything and sometimes He watches us wander only to bring you to a place when re you can totally depend on Him alone. His Ways are higher ,His thoughts are wiser. Simply obey even if it doesn’t seem nice or fun, it is for your own good.
2.       Destroy the little foxes . When I realized the first sign of reaction I should have  taken steps to eliminate it. That would have prevented the wide spread rash I am currently having . There are times we do “little” things that the Holy Spirit prompts us about. They could be things we said in moments of haste or thoughts we had which mostly seem unimportant but upon reflection we are pointed in the right direction. If we can destroy bad habits as soon as they start we are sure to have a more fulfilled walk with God.
I think prayer will help and constantly reading the word so we Remember God’s stance on every situation on life. We may be faced with the same situation moremtuan once in our lifetime and we will need to constantly make the right decisions. That’s how we grow.  
Jeremiah 32:39
I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear for their own good and the good of their children.