Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bearing your cross

Luke 14:27
          And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple

An image of Jesus on the way to Calvary comes to mind, Jesus is carrying a heavy log. His cross. He is surrounded by a throng of people yet so alone.
Our Christian walk is like that.we all have crosses to carry. In the midst of people of which I am sure many were good.No one dared to offer help, because a cross is a personal task. It  is a personal road of submission to God's will. Each person should walk on their own road.

"Cry for yourselves " Jesus said " and for your children"  He knew because after He had died and resurrected. It was now going to be everyone's burden to carry their own cross. Perhaps he knew how we would struggle with it.

Bearing your cross is only possible when we TOTALLY SURRENDER to Jesus Christ.
In order to do what Christ has already done and  getting victory , we have to become like Him.
To do that which we see our Father do.
This takes more than a simple prayer because the flesh and the spirit are always warring and until the flesh dies ( which will take little steps of obedience), The struggle firepower will continue.

It takes your desire to please God and Honor Him.
It takes saying "No" to yourself when what you desire is a norm or even looks fun.
It takes judging things from God's view (only possible through constant dwelling in the word of God).
It takes consecration
It will take little steps of obedience

What it won't take is time, everyday we have opportunity to carry our cross and that's all the time we need. Work while it is called today.

Bearing your cross you may have a few people to offer guidance and direction. After a while however it is all you. You and God. You will have to make God- choices not good choices.

In 2017 may we remember to daily bear our cross and dwell in the father.