Tuesday, 17 January 2017


A memo is a document that is circulated within a particular organization only. sometimes only top level officials share a memo. The memo ensures everyone is on the same page about decisions to be taken.

Walking with God is a bit like that.
No eye has seen , no ear has heard no has it entered into the mind of any man what God has in store for they that love Him and are called according to his purpose. The spirit searches all things even the deepest things of God. There is a memo for your life and you need to read it.

God deals with each one of us differently and yet the same. we are all promised of a hope and a future.God is working all things together for our good. However no one knows in entirety what God wants to do with another person. That can only be found when you get Gods memo. He is taking every bit of our history and present to create His best future for us. He ordained us for things even while we were still in our mother's womb.
just as a potter makes different vessels, each one of us must find our purpose in Him.

In him all things hold together (col 1:17),the life of victory in Christ is available to you if you will get the memo too .

Getting the memo means a few things
1. Believe in GOD . Believe He is greater than anything or anyone anywhere. Make Him your Lord and keep your eyes on Him no matter how the waves rage around you.

2. Seek God everyday. we are living out what has already been written in the spirit realm. to properly live out God's best we need to seek Him. Ask Him to lead us into each day. that each day will be the fulfillment of prophecy for us.

God knows exactly where you should be in life. He has all the answers.

Now you need to get the memo too.
Life is better when you have the same Memo as God so you can take the same decisions and go where he is leading.

Grow in Grace and Faith